Robust solutions for Regional Centers

The needs of Regional Centers are vast and varied. Our translation and interpreting experience in developmental disabilities and Regional Center-specific needs mean we’re always able to find a solution.

Whether it’s translation of IPPs, IFSPs, Periodic Reviews or Psychological Evaluations, or interpreting for Self-Determination meetings, Board Meetings, or parent training Workshops we’ve got RCs covered.

Limiting liability is our primary aim when we work with RCs – our experienced linguists ensure accurate communication to help you avoid litigation and continue your great work serving the families you work with in California!

Competitive pricing, combined with interpreters and translators with the proper qualifications and a can-do attitude mean that working with us is a great experience.

What we offer:

  • Interpreting and translation services in all languages
  • Affordable over the phone interpreting services, over 200 languages
  • Specialized linguists in developmental disabilities and special education
  • Approved vendor status
  • Competitive pricing
  • Reliability and a seamless client experience

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