American Sign Language Services

Bring everyone together with inclusive, accurate and expert communication.

Sign language interpretation is so much more than hand gestures. It’s about visual expression, body movements, and unspoken connections.

Whether you employ or serve deaf or hard of hearing people, it’s important that you support them with trusted, expert and professional interpretation services. Not to mention the fact that you should be complying with accessibility standards as requested by the Americans Disabilities Act.

ASL services

Our American Sign Language services help schools, businesses, and communities to meet linguistic needs and challenges for hard of hearing or deaf students, consumers, employees, clients, and customers. At CIS, our trained and certified interpreters are committed to providing a professional – yet personal – approach to ensure everyone is included.

We can support with:

  • On-site interpretation
  • Video ASL interpretation
  • ASL interpreters for virtual meetings

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Why choose us?

Everyone has the right to communicate and understand – which is why we’re so passionate about giving the deaf and hard of hearing community a platform and allowing them to reach their full potential. All of our interpreters are also certified, qualified, and registered by the Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf (RID) and have undertaken specialized training and/or experience.

  • Fully vetted, qualified, and certified deaf interpreters
  • Efficient approach to scheduling
  • We keep you in legal compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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