What is Certified Interpreting Services?

We offer in-person, remote and over-the-phone translation, and interpreting services as well as ASL services. We have built up a professional team of linguists who are each vetted and approved by us and have years of experience between them and we carefully match an individual to your unique project. Specializing in educational and legal sectors as well as non-profit organizations, , and working in over 240 language pairs, we offer a 100% guarantee that your project will be correct and accurate.

How do you get a document translated and certified?

For someone to be regarded as a certified translator, they must evidence that they have certified status. This status means they are fluent in English and the original language and are therefore qualified to provide certified translations.

What are interpretation and translation services?

Translation, which is generally text-based, is the act of transforming words so that it resonates with the intended audience. Interpretation deals with spoken or sign language and helps to bring people onto the same page. While different, both services help to effectively deliver a message and bridge any communication gaps.

What are video remote interpreting services?

Video remote interpreting services or VRI is a type of virtual interpretation that is typically used to help non-English-speaking consumers, deaf or hard of hearing individuals to speak with a hearing person via a video. It can be used within educational and legal sectors, and even non-profit organizations.

What is the difference between video remote interpreting and video relay service?

Video relay services facilitate communication via telephone between individuals who are in separate locations using a phone and visual screen. Video remote interpreting is most commonly used when a deaf or hard of hearing individual are in the same location, but the interpreter is elsewhere.

What is legal translation?

Legal translation is a type of translation that supports legal firms to communicate with each other and their clients. It includes legal materials and documents with the aim of allowing everyone a fair trial.

What are the various kinds of legal translation?

Legal translations vary from court materials and documents, certified translations, witness, and police reports and even statements. It includes any material that is used in legal situations.

Why are legal documents translation services required?

Similar to other industries, legal translations allow everyone to understand and to communicate which is essential for proceedings to continue fairly. What’s more, while you might know how to use legal terms in writing, our professional and experienced legal interpreters and translators can ensure it meets the target audience as well as regional laws.

What is over-the-phone interpreting?

Over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) is a three-way call-based interpretation service. This telephone interpreter service improves communication between two people speaking different languages.

How much do telephone translation services cost?

Telephonic translation services are often the least expensive choice, with typical fees ranging from $1.25 to $3 per minute, depending on the time you want an interpreter and the language.

How do I get an interpreter on my phone?

There are two ways to do this. The first is to look in the app store for the app built into your phone. For example, it’s called “Google Translate” on Android phones. On iPhones, it’s called “Translate” (the same app as Android). The second way is to visit the website for Google Translate and then download it from there. This will work for both iPhones and Android phones. Once you have downloaded the app, you can use it offline!