Trustworthy translation and interpreting for the education and legal sectors, as well as for non-profit organizations.

Whichever language you need, our carefully assembled and vetted team of linguists is here to help. From in-person support to remote services, our professional and reliable approach keeps clients coming back time after time.

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We can also translate and interpret:

  • Depositions
  • Depo Preps
  • Trials and Hearings
  • Witness statements
  • IMEs and PQMs
  • School Meetings and IEPs
  • Board Meetings
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • And more!

We understand your industry

Our trusted team of translators and interpreters have years of experience in education, legal and non-profit organizations giving you peace of mind every time you need to communicate across language barriers.

Focus on your core business with our reliable language solutions! Our easy to use scheduling system and 24/7 virtual services allows you to stay connected with your community at all times.

Our clients include

Law firms

Personal injury claims, workers’ compensation, immigration matters, criminal and civil cases, we support a range of legal matters with accurate translation and interpretation so that everyone can have a fair trial.


Passionate about language equity, our ASL services in education and translation services facilitate positive classroom and family engagement by creating inclusive environments that connect emergent bilingual families with school faculties. As your language partner, we also support individualized education plan (IEP) meetings between parents and school staff. Plus, you can trust that our linguists have passed a criminal background check.


CIS offers interpreting and translation services in all major languages, either remotely, in-person or over-the-phone for the following school settings:

  • IEPs & ELAC meetings
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Student assessments
  • Testing and cognitive evaluations
  • Board and Town Hall meetings
  • Professional translation of documents, reports, and forms

We have extensive experience in education, IEP reports, medical evaluations, and legal translation with specific technical terminologies.

Non-profit organizations

Translation of IPPs, IFSPs, Periodic Reviews or Psychological Evaluations, or interpreting for Self-Determination meetings, Board Meetings, or Parent Training Workshops, our linguistic services help non-profit organizations to overcome any language barriers so they can continue to have an essential role in the community.

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